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23 May


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Fotowettbewerb “Mein bestes Bild”

Wir suchen Dein “Best Picture”: Mach mit und gewinne einen von drei  Preisen im Gesamtwert von 150 Euro.

Egal aus welchem Motivbereich: Zeig uns Dein “bestes Bild” der vergangen zwei Jahre.

Wichtig sind uns vor allem Kreativität, Bildausdruck, Komposition, Aufnahmetechnik und Nachbearbeitung, wobei wir besonderen Wert auf die fotografische Gestaltung legen.

So könnt ihr mitmachen:

Werde Follower der und sende Dein bestes Bild bis zum 08.Juni 2013 per E-Mail an Bitte achte darauf, dass es nicht größer als 8MB ist.

In den darauffolgenden Tagen wird sich eine dreiköpfige Jury zusammensetzten, um über die besten 13 Bilder zu beraten. Die Plätze drei bis 13  werden danach auf der Facebook- Seite von veröffentlicht und gehen damit ins Rennen um Platz drei. Das Bild mit den meisten Likes nach vier Tagen gewinnt. Die Plätze eins und zwei werden direkt von der Jury gewählt und ebenfalls auf der Facebook-Seite veröffentlicht.

Mit der Teilnahme erkennst du  die Teilnahmebedinungen voll an (siehe unten).

Das könnt ihr gewinnen:*

1.Platz: Euer Bild auf Acryl gedruckt (60x40cm)

2.Platz: iPad Case** mit eurem Bild bedruckt  (Vorder- und Rückseite; mit Reißverschluss)

3.Platz: iPhone/S3*** Case mit Bumber, ebenfalls bedruckt mit eurem Motiv

Sonderplatzierung: Unter allen Followern von, die den Wettbewerbs-Beitrag auf Facebook teilen, verlosen wir ein iPhone Case mit einem Motiv von

*Wahlweiße kann für jeden Preis statt dem eigenen, auch ein Motiv von gewählt werden, sofern es in der notwendigen Auflösung vorhanden ist.

**Sollte der Zweitplazierte keine Verwendung für ein iPad Case haben, so kann er aus einem gleichwertigen Druck einen aussuchen (Bspw.: 60x40cm Poster )

***iPhone ab der vierten Generation und Samsung Galaxy S3

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22 May


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Das ist ein TEst

He has always wanted to retire on his own terms, and go out on a high as the consummate professional he is.’. Those 23 teams participate in single elimination play. While he attended St. You’re talking about Kevin Faulk. The team receiving the punt can return it, meaning it can catch and run it back down the field. And a Cheap Oakleys lot of what we focused on in that period is obviously driving sales albeit an innovating company is a big piece. People either suffer from hyper (overactive) or hypo (underactive) thyroid, when the gland which regulates the body’s metabolism is working too slow or too fast.. While cheap nfl jerseys the schools will be in different division in the new Big Ten Conference set up come 2011, their rivalry is protected and they play each other every year.. 42 is about one of the most screenworthy triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement: Jackie Robinson breaking through the Major League Baseball color barrier. A Fake Oakleys Sunglasses outlet hint, maybe, that things may be different for the perennial Premier League bridesmaids this year.. There are exceptions. So, you really want to think about rotating the torso towards the floor. “I don’t think there are any dirty players anymore,” a West coach said. I think Jimmy has made great strides for us this season,” Belichick said at the end of the 2015 season.”The reps that he’s gotten on the field in preseason games and in practice, I think he’s shown a lot of development better understanding, quicker recognition and reading of the defenses, more awareness of what’s happening on the defensive side of the ball, better communication, better understanding of the offense, better understanding of the defense really everything. Was this also always maybe to appease female fans? It’s about 50% now. My Creamy Scalloped Potatoes RecipeThe Best Ever Creamy Scalloped Potatoes Recipe is Umm, Umm, Good! These potatoes are exactly what I think of when I think of comfort food and they are soooo delicious. For example, weather conditions can impact whether a football game will feature a lot of scoring or little scoring. 2g,h). Fumbled the ensuing kickoff, Carolina recovered at the Cardinals oakleys outlet three yard line and four plays later Newton found Mike Tolbert for a one yard score. He now thrown seven interceptions in 2016 and nine in his last six games.. That circumstance, however, was cheap jerseys a problem for him, because gravity dictated contraction. But the recruiters knew, and reporters knew, and they talked to each other, and it got out,” Sam told GQ.
Losers of these practice drills can expect to run additional wind sprints or do extra push Baratas Ray Ban ups.. And even though NEP has offices worldwide, it depends heavily on a few major clients in order to gain access to the broadcasting events from where it can turn a profit. If pressed to remember it later, you’ll just fill in generic images. And did I mention they are LEAKPROOF?!?!?!. As you can see, based on my own target price to buy or add T is sitting right in the middle of the 52 week highs and lows. Expect another big game from Beasley. En route to Super Bowl XLVII, Flacco bested Tom Brady up in New England while Kaepernick bested the single game rushing total of every quarterback ever in any game. Inspired by their courage, demonstrators across the South adopted their “jail not bail” tactic and filled jail cells. Louis Vuitton Outlet Through all the centuries of its existence Poland has never been a menace to anybody, not even to the Turks, to whom it has been cheap nfl jerseys merely hockey jerseys an obstacle.. Alexander Graham Bell was known for his later revolutionary work in aeronautics, optical telecommunications, and hydropolis. Symptoms of CTE tend to appear in midlife, after most athletes have retired. Kelly’s resume suggests she is much smarter than I am, and it’s her mind, body, and time in question; I respect her right to lead cheers.. Signed as a free agent following the toe surgery, Hester returned only 25 punts and fumbled four times with the Ravens. And on Mar 15, 2010. There are many secrets in this game that allow you to play extra levels and get power ups to make your weaponry even more fierce. This conference will be similar to the cheap oakley sunglasses 2007 summit in that the NFL will invite independent scientists to present cutting edge research. I love the way this San Fran secondary plays. Considered the greatest draft steal of all time is New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady, wholesale nfl jersyes pictured, who went in the 6th round of the 2000 draft. Last year’s matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers became the most watched television event in North America with 111 million viewers. and flexibility exercises provide pain relief while reducing muscle spasms that often occur due to an injury. That’s what pushes me every day to try to have a perfect game. That’s one of the reasons that the MLB signed a deal with Fortune 500) unit StubHub, which lets people buy and sell tickets, in August.. Other athletes from elementary schools to professional sports teams began following his lead.. The family moved to Marietta, Ohio, where Davis blossomed into an allround sports fake oakleys star, running track at school and playing baseball in the summer. While the 22 year old excelled in impacting the game on a number of fronts, the most promising developing for Ainge and company was Rozier’s wholesale nfl jerseys efficiency and shot creation in the paint.
22 May


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This year’s contests have mostly mirrored this trend; ten games have been won by field goals, three by touchdowns, and three by turnovers, a new outcome under the current rules.. I really can’t believe somebody would put something like this on air. It’s probably hyperbolic to suggest a drive so early in a game Cheap china Jerseys could be demoralizing for the home team, but at the least it was a reminder that this was going to be a considerably less satisfying experience for the Bills’ defense than it was in Week 4.. The fact that wearing this suit while exercising leads to instant weight loss, is extremely encouraging and has led people to adopt this practice. My Experience with Fraudulent WholesalersI’ve been selling Nike shoes online now for more than eight years. Office and executive positions to help build on the impact Fake Oakleys across. Is it scheme related or this about personnel? There can be an adjustment period as a player with a new coordinator on defense. When you break it down like this it becomes more manageable. And Epichlo spp. Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, 2004It’s a family show, so all that bumping and grinding between Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake was questionable to start with.Things deteriorated further when the Rock jordan sale your Body singer almost made good on his promise to “have you naked by the end of this song,” accidentally exposing Jackson’s breast in what was later labelled an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.2.The rapper was criticised, and NFL forced to apologise after failing to blur the sequence on television.3. You might wonder why this language is as confusing as it is. If you happen to be from an Ivy League school, even better.. While marketing assistants may perform solely administrative functions for their team, coordinators assist with the preparation of sales proposals, marketing presentations and event materials. They are open to new members of varying ability levels and tend to focus on day trips in freshwater river and wooded settings. To make breathing the cold air less painful, cover your mouth with a bandana or scarf.. Our dreams of building Wonder Woman’s invisible jet have taken another glorious step toward reality.. Personal confession: Around mile 19 of the 2010 Georgia Marathon, I accepted a Jolly Rancher from a roadside spectator, and, breathing very hard (as one at mile 19 is wont to do), nearly choked to death on the sweet taste of sour apple. Except ball implants make way less sense. Janay Rice has defender her husbandMinnesota running back was cheap ray bans Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online indicted on charges of child abuse after disciplining his four year old son with a tree branch cheap football jerseys china in May. I took a job taking care of a captive colony of rattlesnakes at the University of Wyoming.
If you cough up the dough to get your teeth professionally whitened, they’ll bleach the enamel, which also damages them.”Come on, her baby teeth going to fall out soon anyway. The earliest variations were staged in the 1820s at elite Eastern colleges, often as a class rush designed to visit harm upon incoming freshman. Have extra adults at the party available to help. A $770 iPhone 7 Plus minus the $650 trade in credit equals $120 out of pocket). I began to host the family Thanksgiving from that year forward. Indeed, there were fake ray bans times on Sunday when it seemed that Kuechly, and cheap nfl jerseys Davis, for that matter, must have had the Saints’ huddle bugged. You need to make sure that this is, you need to take this helmet home and make sure that you adjust it to the proper places that you need it in order for it to fit comfortably right on to your head and a lot of times Cheap Jerseys from china right now we’ll go up top and on the side for that but you can also take your chinstrap and just put both on the side, it’s really up to you. Piece of advice: Hit the weight room.Jay Cutler, BearsHe almost fooled us with that emotional game against the Vikings in his previous game. Banks and that’s where I want to focus on today.. According to Apple, it’s 50% faster on graphics. Having secured michael michael kors factory outlet Marie in solitary confinement, and having thus left the house and gucci g watch all that it contained for a whole night at the free louis vuitton handbags on sale authentic disposal of the Duparcs, the Procurator Revel bethought himself, the morning barbour jackets for kids after the arrest of his prisoner, of the necessity of proceeding michael kors messenger bag with something like official regularity. Similarly an uncomplicated single, fluid cheap oakleys and smooth motion works better than a jerky complicated action. Speaking two days after a major victory for the NFL in its dispute with New England quarterback Tom oakley sunglasses outlet Brady cheap nfl jerseys and the players’ union, Goodell defended the league’s discipline process for players in the wake of critical comments by New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees. Until then wholesale jerseys I’m going to hold back on crowning them in the NFC. Slightly less adorable than the Polong, the Pelesit’s job was to take its jagged tail and saw open a hole in the offending master’s body while he slept. Let’s first begin with the most well known and recognized “Bald” eagle. Grimes had 5 interceptions. It is not going to happen if you stayed locked in your office or if you close down the lines of communication to those you are looking to reach.In a job search, there are four ways to seek to make contact in order to get interviews.
22 May

Alpin- Fashion- Shoot mit Tim Mantoani

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Am Montag den 20.05  haben wir uns nach Oberstdorf aufgemacht, um von US- Starfotograf Tim Mantoani neue Erkenntnisse in Sachen Beleuchtung und Ausleuchtung von Objekten und Models zu erlangen.

Nach einem interessanten und lehrreichen Vortrag im Oberstdorfer Haus, ging es am Freiberger See darum, die neuen Erkenntnisse in der Praxis richtig umzusetzen prednisone 20mg tablets. Insgesamt war es ein sehr gelungener Tag mit einem sehr bemühten Organisator (SUNBOUNCE), einem motivierten Kursleiter (Tim Mantoani) und weiteren freundlichen Kursteilnehmern.



History, with more than 80 million viewers and brought in the program’s lowest viewership in decades. Top of pageMATERIALS AND METHODSPlant materialsThree different papaya cultivars, SunUp, Kapoho and AU9, were germinated and planted in Kunia station, Oahu. Not just the pitcher everybody on a baseball team has to throw the ball. There is no longer anything manly or intelligent about it. I called my dr. An executive chef in general earns an average of $55,000 per year. Oakland is still in debt from a renovation 20 years ago when the Raiders moved back from Los Angeles. The extra charges help cover the additional cost of liability insurance, not to mention more employees, uniforms and the heated delivery bags that chains use.. Nevertheless, their stock price was knocked down hard during the recession, and then recovered back to fair value only to fall once again when earnings modestly faltered in fiscal 2011.. Today the NFL play offs begin with the wild card round, the start of the road to Super Bowl cheap jordan 50 (rather than the usual Roman numeral, L, in keeping with the sport’s gladiatorial leanings), to be held in Santa Clara, California, on 7 February. Being a football fan, I can’t keep from weighing in on one mystery about deflate gate (incidentally, why do we need to put ‘gate’ on the end of every scandal? It wasn’t Water gate, it was the Watergate Hotel that proved Nixon’s undoing. ‘Who is 88?’ he said, referencing Freeman’s number. 4. If you agree or disagree, please feel free to leave Cheap NFL Jerseys a comment. By 1984,. Dostoevsky said famously, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” By that standard, the United States exists in a barbaric state. Deglaze the pan with the vinegar, and when the vinegar is almost completely reduced, about 3 minutes, add the stock and chopped sage. I think the stock is trading around 12x Fy20 EPS, and considering the company will only be 65% full in North America (130 stores / 200 store potential) at the time, I do not think Fake ray ban Sunglasses sale cheap nfl jerseys the 12x Fy20 P/E is that unattractive.. Some people recommend fasting for twelve hours or more before a physical, but this is a better and safer alternative. We are a brand building company, and innovation is central to our growth strategy because it allows us to do 2 things. The most significant of missed kicks came on Thursday night when Josh Scobee missed two potentially game winning field goals for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It should be noted that the prevalence of sleep disorders in wholesale jerseys china glaucoma patients is likely to be an underestimate because patients with dry eye and cataract were excluded from the present study, and it is possible that those patients would exhibit a higher prevalence of sleep and mood disorders.
how to lose weight with an underactive thyroidAnd he said that’s, you know, that’s the task. These were a little more difficult to shoot and a little more complicated histories to tackle. Watch more on what goes on in athlete’s brains > But today, using tissue from retired NFL athletes culled posthumously, the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CSTE), at the Boston University School of Medicine, is shedding light on what concussions look like in the brain. The original use /freeze by date of that packet of delicious beef brisket was 09/19/11. Take a look at the suggestions below and take your pick.. The is oakley outlet the second arrest of an Olympic boxer on charges involving sexual assault within four days.Police took Jonas to the Bangu penitentiary complex west of the city, Agencia Brasil said. Further research disclosed an unexpected parallel with civilian life. The study is Cheap Football Jerseys enrolling both former NFL players ages 40 69 with a control group of same age athletes who played non contact sports.. Barack Obama has acknowledged the significance.. Many species are severely overfished, or cheap oakleys sunglasses become bycatch, which is the incidental capture and death (and waste) of non target fish and other marine animals during commercial fishing. There are, of course, legitimate incentives, like full sports scholarships of which each college is allowed to offer a specific number. He had neuralgia and bouts of clinical depression for which he was treated with opium, further leading him to addiction. At our TV stations, we are still in the early fake oakleys stages of what we are very confident will be a record presidential election year. 4. There will continue to be speculation about Elway rolling the dice on another seasoned star, the way he did so successfully with Peyton Manning. Ronaldo Lus Nazrio de Lima spent time at Inter Milan, AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, four of the world’s greatest clubs Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys which just goes to show how in demand he was throughout his career. There are some standard Crane hand signals approved by the OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) which are used the same way all over the world.. (There are no typos in this paragraph by the way.). The questions are: a) did each one do his homework ray bans sale thoroughly by studying the Rule Book? And b) cheap oakleys did everyone physically workout each day to be in game conditioning?2) Set the ground rules. The case itself involves an unremarkable set of facts. 49ers for first TD catch of career. The annual run rate for advertiser campaigns being measured through DCM is currently almost $75 million. This itinerary starts in the northeast of the state, moves through the center and ends down south..
22 May


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Marc Bächtold

Sandweg 2

75217, Birkenfeld

22 May

Neue Homepage fertig!

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Vielen Dank, dass Sie den Weg auf meine Homepage gefunden haben
Heute am 22.05 ist es endlich soweit. Nachdem die alte Homepage einfach design- technisch und vom Management her nicht mehr auf dem aktuellesten Stand war, war es Zeit für ein komplett neues Set-Up.

Ich hoffe Sie finden sich gut zu recht.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Marc Bächtold


We have just come through a long summer, the end of which saw new lows in crude oil, the lowest levels seen since February 2009. Notably, Brn3b showed nearly four fold higher expression in the RGCR than that in the MBEB. New York City is the largest market, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago. If only Houston could put a solid QB under center, they would be Super Bowl contenders. Analysis: Facing a win and in scenario in which all the Broncos needed to do was come out on top in a home game against the struggling Kansas City Chiefs, Denver went out and scored just three points and lost 7 3. We’ve had our fill of the NFL without actually having a team.. By which we mean NFL “fine,” which is like regular fine, but with a concussion.. He’s never been picked by Postecoglou, Replica Oakleys but the coach knows him well from his time with the Australian youth teams. Once upon a time, there was a military base named Camp Dunlap in the depths of California’s confusingly named Colorado Desert. The necropsy found no evidence of human interaction being a cause or contribution to the animal death. Scientists have pinpointed how connections in the brain are destroyed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, in a study which it is hoped will help in the development of Authentic Jerseys Wholesale treatments for the debilitating condition. Overnight camps offer a more intense and well rounded program, but they are expensive to operate. Over time, and if there are signs of improvement in Cheap Jerseys China the condition, gentle stretching of the quadriceps wholesale football jerseys china muscles will help to re align the new collagen fibres that are repairing the tendon into a more linear configuration. According to the commentary by director Spike Jonze, some extras sneaked beer onto Cheap Oakleys the set and got pleasantly plastered. I agree that Bruno Mars is going to be great. So only 7% of these players, who were drafted into the MLB, Fake Oakleys will actually play in the MLB.. PESCA: I do. This set up was put under review by UKA last year after Hamza Driouch was convicted of doping.. These opportunities sometimes aren’t advertised in a way that it would surely reach you, so you might have to seek these out. Patriots are legitimate City Section title contenders. And being at home doesn’t hurt Cincinnati, either. Why men can be ugly and talented and Replica ray ban Sunglasses sale women only botoxed to behold Marketing reaches a new all time low Reality on the Runway A good role model? Defying the beauty myth A magazine finally breaking the barriers. Always felt that, and I don want to understate how proud I was to play the game at maybe a little bit different level than most people and more importantly to feel like being involved with three organizations. This bet is deciding how many points are scored total between both teams in the game.