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31 Oct

Der Atem der Berge

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-Bildband Fotografie – Alpen, Achttausender und Gipfel aller Kontinente. Die besten Bilder des weltweiten IMS Fotowettbewerbs. Mit Text des Bergfotografen Robert Bösch.

It’s out ! Today I received my own copy of Bruckmann Verlag ‘s latest Book which features “The world’s best mountain Photos from 2011-2015” .
It’s a great honor to get a double-page spread in this work which “celebrates the mountains of all continents of the world with spectacular shots of the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and the Marmolada, from the Alps to the Andes to the Antarctic. Recorded and described by the best of the best: the International Mountain Summit photographer, passionate and award-winning mountain photographers.” ~ ‪#‎IMS‬ ‪#‎InternationalMountainSummit‬

You can buy the Book on Amazon : CLICK HERE  (English version will be coming out later)

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25 Oct

Norway Sweden – Roadtrip 2015/ 2016

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This years roadtrip led us from Bergen all the way up to the Lofoten in the Nordland of Norway.

The pictures in my gallery are showing locations and landscapes we passed and hiked between Bergen – Trondheim – Atlantic Road – Lofoten – Uppsala – Stockholm .

Or check out my Instagram: <a href="https://instagram this”>@marcbaechtold


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