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06 Nov

Heaven on Earth – Hillside Beach club

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This year I was one of the lucky “Chief Instagram Officers” for Hillside Beach Club see post.

Hillside Beach is a quite remote Beach Club in Fethiye/ Turkey. So for all the City Lovers and for those who like it busy and full of people, it is certainly the wrong place to be – However, they offer boat shuttels to the nearby city of Fethiye. In fact, they can bring you to every place you want to go.

If you choose the airport shuttle, you can already get an idea of the personalized service they offer with the onboard wifi, trinks and snacks as well as hit lists to choose from.

The resort itself knows exactly how to handle guests with and without children, meaning that it is perfect for holidays with your kids but also a very good choice if you want to enjoy silence at the beach- Perfect concept here !

Another cool fact is the Beach Order concept where they allow you to order your trinks directly from the beach with just one click on a button which is attached to your umbrella – or through their very own and cool App!

Besides hiking, biking and relaxing, the watersports department at Hillside Beach was the coolest place ever. They offer a broad variety of watersports such as flyboarding, wakeboarding, wakesurfing,…. everything you can think of, they have the right staff and equipment !

For impressions take a look at their website or my small gallery

Also, @rafahansen has recorded some shot clips at the watersports department and while we were on a bike trip to Ölüdeniz:


Press ▶️ #wakesurf @hillsidebeachclub ✌🏼️👊🏻

A video posted by RAFA HANSEN 👊🏻 (@rafahansen) on Oct 5, 2015 at 2:06pm PDT



Press ▶️ ✌🏼️ mountain bike 🚲🚵🚴 and lots of climbing in Turkey with @marcbaechtold ✌🏼️💀💀💀

A video posted by RAFA HANSEN 👊🏻 (@rafahansen) on Oct 18, 2015 at 2:12pm PDT



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