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18 Dec

Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom field testing

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A couple of days I ago, Ultimate Ears sent me their latest and greatest bluetooth speaker, the MEGABOOM. It was said to be water and shockproof – perfectly made for the great outdoors!.

So for the last 3 weeks I took it with me to the desert, into the blue and on top of the mountains, where it survived, heat, sand, being under water and snow as well as cold temperatures and shocks.

The sound is purely amazing and gets even better with the equalizer that comes within the app.

One other thing I would like to emphesize is, that you don’t have to turn the box on and off all the time. it has a Stand-By option and even when you were on flightmode with your mobile device, you can turn remotely turn on the speaker again through the app. That’s really usefull if your box isn’t with you in the water, attached to your backpack, or somewhere else out of your comfortable reaching zone 😉

So from the unboxing through the different terrains I love this speaker and I am sure it will accompany me on many more trips.

This is an outtake from our climb on top of the Austrian Alps when we listened to music through the MEGABOOM. So no third audioline has been added…

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This view on top of the #Alps in Austria !! 🗻 — Accompanied by music through @ultimateears ' amazing outdoor speakers 🙌

A video posted by Travel Blogger & Photographer (@marcbaechtold) on Dec 25, 2015 at 9:47am PST



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06 Dec

Dubai – with ltur and @MyDubai

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Hello world!

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